Opening Old Spoiled Milk

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Runtime: 03:17


Taco Party
Taco Party - 11 dager siden
Omg the bouncy sheep!!!
Timothy Tobing
Timothy Tobing - 10 timer siden
Toucan Daily
Toucan Daily - 20 timer siden
Toucan Daily
Toucan Daily - 20 timer siden
Toucan Daily
Toucan Daily - 20 timer siden
Toucan Daily
Toucan Daily - 20 timer siden
Subscribe for 3 seconds of good luck
Boys after No Nut November...
Hayden - 8 timer siden
Cat: what is this human doing???
JUPITER DRAGON - 8 timer siden
TYR ANT - 9 timer siden
First clip:
Noone ; absolutely noone:
White people
Gavin Ward
Gavin Ward - 11 timer siden
Three two gurgle gurgle gurgle what have I done
Croissant Comics
Croissant Comics - 11 timer siden
1:40 Sonic Adventure 2 in real life
ThatOne O
ThatOne O - 12 timer siden
whys no one talking about that cute parrot saying hello? 🥺
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire - 12 timer siden

It reminds me anime...
ShellShock794 - 12 timer siden
I mean, yeah the sound was funny but why are we all pretending like that guy didn't purposefully stage that milk opening? He put a million rubber bands around it and positioned his face perfectly above it. He knew exactly what was going to happen.
slabbinonspokez z
slabbinonspokez z - 12 timer siden
How is milk that bad a few days after the expiration date?
Thunder Gaming
Thunder Gaming - 12 timer siden
That turtle wasn’t going that fast... That fish clearly pushed it.
Puppyman27 - 13 timer siden
Can we just take a moment to watch rosanne go from nothing to top back down to nothing in the span of .5 seconds
Thegamer8642 - 13 timer siden
2:10 "beep beep im a sheep"
Jeyo Adanza
Jeyo Adanza - 13 timer siden
When you’re thirsty and the milk is the only thing that you have.
Nobody cares
Nobody cares - 14 timer siden
My overdose of internet
Tyler Pan
Tyler Pan - 14 timer siden
Why does Oscar sounds like Elmo
47 n1%
47 n1% - 14 timer siden
Lol what the hell bruv?
Lilhedgehog 857
Lilhedgehog 857 - 14 timer siden
I don’t know why but out of all of these I found the sponge one to be the cutest I like how it wiggled it’s butt when it jumps into the sink.
Miles The Man
Miles The Man - 15 timer siden
1:38 Talk about a low budget flight! No food or movies? I'm outta here!
Obama’s Hand
Obama’s Hand - 15 timer siden
2:49 ah yes my favorite tv show
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Chris Marie
Chris Marie - 15 timer siden
I might have overdosed
ThePerfectShadow ツ
ThePerfectShadow ツ - 15 timer siden
I saw the spoiled milk on tiktok
Lazar Manojlovic
Lazar Manojlovic - 15 timer siden
Netflix: Are you still watching?
Someone's daughter: 0:12
Ava Lang
Ava Lang - 16 timer siden
Props to the guy that got spoiled milk shot onto his face.....🤮
Ava Lang
Ava Lang - 16 timer siden
The sheep remind me of the fat waddling duck.......just me?
catloverperson 1
catloverperson 1 - 16 timer siden
Guy- "Here is some really bouncy sheep"
Me- what am I doing with my life
Hyaxo - 17 timer siden
0:11 me after no nut November
rhinosaur :P
rhinosaur :P - 17 timer siden
At 0:47 it looks like the end of the world
Crew Empie
Crew Empie - 17 timer siden
no one:

pull dancers: 0:42
Wilfredo Rivera
Wilfredo Rivera - 18 timer siden
Da sheep do be looking kinda THICC
Andeicho Santos
Andeicho Santos - 18 timer siden
1:39 The guy who killed Funny Valentine:
Bøba_ Pøpx
Bøba_ Pøpx - 18 timer siden
The bottle really said ♉️
C a l c i u m D r i n c c c
C a l c i u m D r i n c c c - 18 timer siden
Me when no nut November ends 0:16
4henobb - 18 timer siden
The cat was like tf I'm doin here
Noobplayz 1
Noobplayz 1 - 19 timer siden
Rumors say that the man skydiving went on to be a helicopter
Andrei Apopei
Andrei Apopei - 19 timer siden
1:43 When You have too High DPI in minecraft.
Krystal Hu
Krystal Hu - 19 timer siden
*me and the gang at 2am*

Fawad Fawadi
Fawad Fawadi - 19 timer siden
1:50 gtav mods
Vikteringo Yeet
Vikteringo Yeet - 19 timer siden
In 3...2 buUFgahagGgaggUYg
Matteo He
Matteo He - 19 timer siden
1:32 Doraemon!!?
Deathtaker607 - 19 timer siden
1:42 I would most definetly puke
Matteo He
Matteo He - 19 timer siden
0:12 is it spe*m?
Chaseydoodle YT
Chaseydoodle YT - 19 timer siden
N.I.C.K.L.S. (Nikita Baimov)
N.I.C.K.L.S. (Nikita Baimov) - 19 timer siden
1:39 SA2 intro cutscene in a nutshell
James Smith
James Smith - 20 timer siden
I nearly gagged a day later thinking of the chunks of milk flung into his mouth and swallowed, and up his nose
Haruglory131 - 20 timer siden
0:15 after no nutt November
humandxp - 20 timer siden
2:45 lol 2020 chicongo protesters juicy smolet cut
Yerassyl Adilzhanov
Yerassyl Adilzhanov - 21 time siden
No one
𝚑𝚎𝕟𝕥𝐚𝐢 girls: 0:10
vaccinated karen
vaccinated karen - 22 timer siden
Dog want tree branch
T7PID - 22 timer siden
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Dag siden
Netflix: “aRe u sTilL thERE?” Someone daughter:
Damien Bob-Kelly
Damien Bob-Kelly - Dag siden
im sad i use to have a baby duck but he died after a day that made me so sad
Eloi Bautista
Eloi Bautista - Dag siden
_Finally, a guy who starts with thumbnails rather than making them last._
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - Dag siden
when it expired, he put rubber bands which made it expload Face Palm
Adopt me Playz
Adopt me Playz - Dag siden
Oh my he didn’t even say 1 hahaha
Peter Jones
Peter Jones - Dag siden
you missed the mark on this one mate
doggo studio
doggo studio - Dag siden
Three two GURGLE
PringoZ - Dag siden
Anyone else wondering why the backflip guy changed his clothes so many times in one day?
1:09 by the way
Breeze - Dag siden
2:49 PAUSE ON THAT hubba! hubba!
Luxurys' Aesthetic
Luxurys' Aesthetic - Dag siden
1:43 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle IRL 😂
{_.Kiyoshi._} .Sane.
{_.Kiyoshi._} .Sane. - Dag siden
It's the fact he didn't finish the sentence and the noises he made, that makes it hilarious..
koi carp
koi carp - Dag siden
Alright, spoiled milk explosion in 3, 2,
Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore - Dag siden
1:43: How!?! Just How!?!
guy with a fork
guy with a fork - Dag siden
This dude sounds like a leafy
sock - Dag siden
1:40 Sonic Adventure 2 be like
Peter G. J. MacPherson
im surprised no one is making porn jokes with the milk thing
Lil Carlos_young
Lil Carlos_young - Dag siden
Lil Carlos_young
Lil Carlos_young - Dag siden
Lil Carlos_young
Lil Carlos_young - Dag siden
The Robloxian Channel
The Robloxian Channel - Dag siden
0:09 doe
INRUSH - Dag siden
when it expired, he put rubber bands which made it expload *Face Palm*
Marco Wilkinson
Marco Wilkinson - Dag siden
I somehow had captions turned on and mistook the bouncy sheep noise as [Applause]
lachimolala - Dag siden
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - Dag siden
Guys, do NOT skip ad!! This guy deserves to earn money for never clickbaiting us. 😊
Surfermario - Dag siden
That turtle just wanted someone to get that fish off of it .
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - Dag siden
The turtle is Narissa from the movie The Reef
Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith - Dag siden
The dog looks like
It's flying
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Dag siden
Hentai male characters : 0:12
Princess Rosalina
Princess Rosalina - Dag siden
That first clip.
What did he... Think was going to happen? He has that carton squeezed, of course pressure is mounting.
Derek Gamer
Derek Gamer - Dag siden
it got in his mouth lol
Sharon Baab
Sharon Baab - Dag siden
The narration is redundant. It would be better without.
BBboyforthewin - Dag siden
Netflix: Are you still watching?

Someones daughter:
abcdefghisrael - Dag siden
Okay but why was the milk wrapped up with a buttload of rubberbands?
Joanne Liu
Joanne Liu - Dag siden
0:19 I feel bad 😔